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Jaipur serves all of your favourite Indian. We take great pride in using only the freshest, quality ingredients to create flavorful dishes that reflect the varied taste of Indian. Make tonight an easy night in and pick up some authentic Indian takeaway from Jaipur.

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65 George Lane
South Woodford, E181JJ

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cooked in butter sauce


cooked in rich sauce with almonds, coconuts and cream - very mild


cooked in butter with peppers, onions and tomatoes - medium


with spinach - medium hot


cooked with lentils, served with pilau rice - fairly hot, sweet and sour

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117 reviews


  • Bloody love this place! Even though we moved further away and here are plenty of other Indian taekwawys near us, we always order from her. Proper yum!


  • the staff are lovely!


  • The food took 2 hours to arrive. The guy on the phone when we called lied multiple times and hung up. Food was at least hot when it arrived, god knows when they started cooking it.


  • Unfortunately was the worst we have had from them. Raw pieces of chicken with dirt inside from the skewer and raw onions. Normally they are excellent this time a Let down!


  • We decided to try a different local Indian take-out. Unfortunately the taste of the food was bland and rather tasteless and it arrived lukewarm, not helped that the delivery person managed to find the side entrance to the block of units rather than the main entrance with 3 doors.


  • Awesome.


  • The food tasted fantastic but unfortunately Jaipur forgot to put the pilau rice in with our order! By the time we'd eaten our starters, then realised it wasn't there, we had to phone and wait for them to send another, so the curry was luke warm when consumed :( Hope it was just a one-off mistake!


  • Excellent Indian food and great value for money.


  • It's with regret that I have to say, Jaipurs food was the worst curry me and my family have had in our lives. The Tarka Dall was runny, Saag was bland and Naga Chicken was tasteless. A waste of money.


  • Food was lovely there was 15 % off but they had put up all the prices this week so ended up costing more than usual


  • Onion bhaji is too expensive


  • Food was amazing, really good quality and tasted great. Speed was not so good, but the restaurant is quite a way from my house. Would definitely order again.


  • My order took close to 2 hours to arrive. I called to get an update and he told me it was ready but they were waiting for a driver. 50 minutes later it arrived but was cold and soggy


  • Forgot naan bread which was ordered; useless on phone at trying to resolve it - too busy to redeliver, too busy to send cash, too busy to keep talking about a refund and then hung up on me. Delivery took an hour. Food was really bland. Don't like complaining, but have to in this instance.


  • Far from what we normally get taste and portion wise. Meat was very dry and rice was bland. Hopefully just a one off being Saturday evening. Normally a decent take away Indian.